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Dragan Barlov

Chess Grandmaster

He was born January 30, 1957 in Kragujevac, Serbia. He won the Serbian and Yugoslavian Junior Championships in 1974. After winning the Yugoslav Championship in 1986 he was awarded the title of Grandmaster and became a member of the National Olympic chess team representing Yugoslavia in Dubai 1986 and Novi Sad 1990 Olympiads, as well as in European Teams Championship in Haifa 1988, where he won team silver medal. 

He was a winner of many international chess tournaments, including winning or sharing first place in Hallsberg, Caorle, Zürich, Nuremberg,Wien, Biel, Sochi, Berlin, New York, Las Palmas, etc. He also wrote the following books in English and Spanish:

  • “Dynamic Play In The World Champions' Masterpieces: I think about chess dynamics, therefore I am!”
  • “Pawns, Time and Space in Modern Chess”
  • “Las charlas de ajedrez”
  • “Disculpen las aperturas... Los finales son fundamentales. Primera parte - Peones y piezas menores”
  • “Disculpen las aperturas... Los finales son fundamentales. Segunda parte - Piezas pesadas”

Languages for work and correspondence:  Spanish - advanced level, English - advanced level, Russian - advanced level

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