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Chess (Persian ruler, emperor, king) is one of the oldest and most widespread games in the world. Chess is a game for two players. There are 3 types of chess: classic table chess, correspondence chess and problem chess.

The chessboard is square in shape, divided into 64 (8 × 8) fields, which are painted alternately in white and black. Each player at the beginning of the chess game has 16 chess pieces, of which eight are pawns, one is a pair of hunters, jumpers and cannons, and a king and queen. One player plays with white pieces and the other with black pieces.

The game with such a board and figures has existed since the 6th century, but the rules on the movement of figures have changed. An important change that makes modern chess a completely different game from the Iranian chess, was introduced around 1470, and was established only in the 19th century.

Chess improves concentration and develops people's memory. During a chess game, the focus of the players is only one goal, and that is how to checkmate the king and defeat the opponent on the other side of the chessboard. Chess develops logical thinking, and mostly promotes imagination and creativity.

Chess shows that hard work is rewarded with success. The more you practice chess, the better your chances of becoming a better player. By researching new ideas, the chess player tries to predict the opponent's future moves and their result. Chess is a real test of patience, will, nerves of concentration and strength. He tests the ability of psychological interaction with other people, tests the player as he is in a competitive environment.

It is like chess in life: the right opportunity appears only once!

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