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Chess 26.06.2021

Chess is one of the oldest and most historic games in the world. Chess is a game for two players. There are 3 types of chess: classical chess, correspondence chess and problem chess.

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How to play chess? 07.06.2021

Ever wanted to know how to play chess? Do your children also want to learn to play chess? You are in the right place - welcome to the Royal Chess Coaching Academy.

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World Chess Champion Wilhem Steinitz 19.05.2021

The first world chess champion was Wilhem Steinitz, he entered the world of chess as a child when chess romance reigned, but he started playing it in 1858 when he came to Vienna.

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Reasons to play chess 14.04.2021

It has been widely proven in the world that mental intelligence develops better in children who play chess than in children who do not play this original and increasingly popular sport.

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