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Project owners

Project owners

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Who are we?
The owner of the business model and online project Royal Chess Coaching Academy is the company Studio 77 from Belgrade, Serbia. As a leading company on the Serbian market in the field of digital marketing, Studio 77 is at the same time an investor, owner and founder of a number of business models in EU, Serbia and the world.

What does ownership of these and similar projects mean?
Ownership of the Royal Chess Coaching Academy project means that Studio 77 as an investor claims absolute rights to the existing business model and brand, all elements of the visual identity of the project (logo, colors and graphics), website and domain. Studio 77 partners who use the benefits of the created business model have the right to use it as long as there is mutual interest on both sides.

Who are the potential partners of Studio 77?
Potential partners of Studio 77 are people whose mental, spiritual and entrepreneurial affinities suit the owners of the company. The company's partners can only be individuals with a positive energy charge and a huge desire to persevere in building and raising the business model to the highest possible level.

How does Studio 77 enter into a partnership with stakeholders?
Studio 77 carefully and in detail analyzes the business ideas of people who can become potential partners of the company. If the business idea proves challenging and profitable enough, Studio 77 creates an appropriate business plan and business model. The company Studio 77 finances all subsequent activities related to the implementation of the business plan and the functioning of the business model, and establishes a long-term partnership with the bearer of the idea.

Who invests in further marketing activities?
Studio 77 finances the creation of business models, part of marketing activities related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and positioning the site on organic Google search. Other marketing activities are financed by the company's partner on the basis of a strictly defined and planned marketing strategy.

How to contact Studio 77?
If you have an interesting idea that you want to turn into an efficient business model that brings profit and if you meet the above criteria for cooperation with the company Studio 77, contact us via our site STUDIO 77, phone +381 65 202 77 77 or send us an e-mail to office@webdizajn-beograd.

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